Hey Oakville drivers! As the first snowflakes tease us, it’s time to consider rust-proofing. But when’s the best time? Let’s break it down:

👉 **Before the First Snowfall:**
– **Proactive Protection:** Applying rust-proofing beforehand shields your vehicle from the corrosive effects of salt and slush, giving you a head start against winter’s toll.

– **Optimal Conditions:** Rust-proofing in milder weather ensures better adherence and penetration, maximizing its effectiveness.

👉 **After the First Snowfall:**
– **Immediate Defense:** If you missed the pre-snow window, it’s never too late. Rust-proofing after the first snowfall still provides vital protection against further winter corrosion.

– **Ongoing Care:** Regular rust-proofing sessions throughout winter can help mitigate the damage caused by the harsh conditions.

No matter the timing, rust-proofing is a crucial step in preserving your vehicle’s longevity. Whether you choose pre or post-snowfall, the important thing is that you take action. Need expert advice? Reach out to us at NMT Auto Service! ❄️🚗 #RustProofing #WinterCarCare #NMTAutoService